Float Plan Monitoring

Electronic Float Plan Monitoring is Included with your Membership.

We Monitor Your Float Plan for You. If You are Late Returning to Port, our System will send Overdue Messages to your Contacts Letting them Know you Have Not Returned to Port as Scheduled.

You will also recieve a message reminding you t Check-in.

Messages are Sent Untill You Check-in.

To Check-in just click the link contained in the email.

  • The First Reminder Message is Sent At Your Planned Check-in Time.
  • The Next Message is Sent 4 Hours After Your Planned Check-in. If Your Contacts Have Not Heard From You they will be Advised to Follow the Instructions Included on Page 3 of your Float Plan.
  • Messages will Continue to Be Sent Until You Check-In and Close out Your Plan.
  • Messages are Sent At 6, 8, 10, and 12 hours Overdue. After that, they are Sent Every Hour Until You Check-In.

The US Coast Guard Recommends Filing a Float Plan Every Time You Go Out on the Water.

Boat Responsibly

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