Float Plan Management

Always file a Float Plan before you go boating and leave it with a reliable person who can be depended upon to notify the Coast Guard, or other rescue agency, should you not return or check-in as planned. If you have a change of plans, or will be delayed, notify the person holding your Float Plan. Finally, close your plan by notifying the holder you have arrived home safely and if the holder has reported you overdue, notify all applicable rescue authorities of your safe return.

Float Plans

All your float plans are available in this section.

     1 .Check-in and close out your Float Plans.

     2. Cancel sent and scheduled Float Plans.

     3. Make copies and send them.

     4. Download a float plan to your device.

     5. Formatted Versions you can print and hand out to your passengers.

Float Plan Preferences

Manage all of the values used when creating your Float Plans. This is how you will save the most time and effort when it comes time to prepare a float plan. Once all your preferences are set you will just need to click and drag your items into the correct fields to create a float plan. 

In this Section:

     1. Vessels

     2. Operators

     3. Passengers/Crew

     4. Contacts

     5. Waypoints

Prepare / Send Float Plan

Create and send your Float Plans. You may create and save as many float plans as you like. Once created a float plan can easily be re-purposed for use again.

     1. Prepare, Save and Send your Float Plan.

     1. Schedule a Float Plan to be sent later.

     2. Download a copy to your device.

     3. Edit your saved Float Plans.

The US Coast Guard Recommends Filing a Float Plan Every Time You Go Out on the Water.

Boat Responsibly

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