US Coast Guard Rescue Centers

Name District / Location Area Phone
Atlantic Area SAR Coordinator U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Area / Portsmouth, Virginia Overall responsibility for areas covered by RCC Boston, RCC Norfolk, RCC Miami, RSC San Juan, RCC New Orleans and RCC Cleveland plus a portion of the North Atlantic Ocean out to 40 degrees west longitude. (757) 398-6700
RCC Boston 1st Coast Guard District / Boston, Massachusetts New England down to and including a portion of Northern New Jersey plus U.S. waters of Lake Champlain. (617) 223-8555
RCC Norfolk 5th Coast Guard District / Portsmouth, Virginia Mid-Atlantic states including the majority of New Jersey down to the North Carolina / South Carolina Border. (757) 398-6231
RCC Miami 7th Coast Guard Distric / Miami, Florida Southeast states from the South Carolina / North Carolina border around to the eastern end of the Florida panhandle plus a large portion of the Caribbean Sea. (305) 415-6800
RSC San Juan (Sub-Center of RCC Miami) Sector San Juan / San Juan, Puerto Rico Southeast portion of the Caribbean Sea (787) 289-2042
RCC New Orleans 8th Coast Guard District / New Orleans, Louisiana Southern states including the Florida panhandle to the U.S. / Mexico border in Texas plus the inland rivers including the Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio and tributaries. (504)589-6225
RCC Cleveland 9th Coast Guard District / Cleveland, Ohio U.S. waters of the Great Lakes, their connecting rivers and tributaries. (216) 902-6117
Pacific SAR Coordinator U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Area / Alameda, California Overall responsibility for areas covered by RCC Alameda, RCC Seattle, RCC Honolulu and RCC Juneau. (510) 437-3701
RCC Alameda 11th Coast Guard District / Alameda, California California and Eastern Pacific Ocean waters assigned by international convention off the Coast of Mexico. (510) 437-3701
RCC Seattle 13th Coast Guard District / Seattle, Washington Oregon and Washington (206) 220-7001
RCC Honolulu (operated as JRCC with DOD) 14th Coast Guard District / Honolulu, Hawaii Hawaii, U.S. Pacific Islands and waters of Central Pacific Ocean assigned by international convention (extending from as far as 6 degrees south to 40 degrees north latitude and as far as 110 west to 130 east longitude). (808) 535-3333
Sector Guam (coordinates SAR under RCC Honolulu Sector Guam / n/a Guam and other U.S. territories and possessions in the far western Pacific Ocean. (671) 355-4824
RCC Juneau 17th Coast Guard District / Juneau, Alaska Alaska, U.S. waters in North Pacific Ocean, Bering Sea, and Arctic Ocean (907) 463-2000

The US Coast Guard Recommends Filing a Float Plan Every Time You Go Out on the Water.

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